Wednesday, 25 June 2008


A gap year is a great opportunity to explore yourself and to spread your wings. A great way to spend some or all of your gap year is to travel and find out more about the world and its people. And you can learn the Spanish language too.

Central America is a fascinating part of the world, it is very student and backpacker friendly and in particular, Guatemala offers a unique insight into the Mayan culture and people of the region.

By the end of your gap year taking Spanish courses in Guatemala will give you skills in Spanish that you will keep for life. Spanish immersion schools and Spanish language classes in Guatemala are perfect for a gap year because they allow you to enjoy your gap year in a beautiful Central America country, to get to know local people, to meet other international students and to learn Spanish in a fun and relaxed way.

Students and backpackers will grow greatly during this gap year experience as they will have new and exciting experiences whilst living and travelling in Guatemala, practicing new Spanish language skills and finding out about the Mayan way of life in Guatemala.

Spanish classes at Spanish School Jabel Tinamit in Panajachel are designed for international students so you will feel very much at home. We have students learning Spanish from the USA, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, India, China and many, many more countries. You will be very welcome in Guatemala and very welcome to study Spanish with us.

Still not sure taking a gap year? Many of our students find that it gives them time to consider the future and to select the right University course for them. It opens up new horizons, gives unique life experiences and, if you attend a Spanish school in Guatemala and take Spanish lessons, your gap year leaves you with a valuable new professional skill.

There are many Spanish schools in Guatemala. Why use your gap year to go on a Spanish Course in Panajachel in Guatemela, Central America? Find out more about Spanish School Jabel Tinamit and Guatemala on our website at: