Friday, 7 December 2012

From Louise

Jabel Tinamit Spanish School was the perfect place to learn Spanish. I arrived knowing about 5 words and after 3 weeks am able to speak well enough to feel comfortable traveling in a Spanish country.  The school is administered very professionally by the owners, Gregorio and Candelaria, who are kind, welcoming and eager to ensure a great experience.  My teacher, William, made learning great fun and inspired me to really work at learning my verbs for the simple pleasure of conversation and not, like in school, to pass an exam.  My homestay with Anna and son Gael, was awesome; the room large and comfortable, the food simple but nutritious and delicious and best of all, we had great meal time conversations about Guatemalan customs, history and current conditions.  Panajachel is a wonderful place with much to see and do around the lovely lake in the afternoons after classes and with a comfortable climate. If you are thinking of learning Spanish in Guatemala (or anywhere) then this is the place!!         

Friday, 3 August 2012

Studying Spanish at Jabel Tinamit

I highly recommend studying Spanish at Jabel Tinamit.  It is the best Spanish language school I have ever attended.  The owners and the teachers are professional and very knowledgable of the Spanish laguage.  The teachers are well trained with knowing exactly how to gear and direct the classes.  They cater to the needs of the students and focus on what they need help with the most.  The owners are also very helpful and caring.  They went out of their way to make me feel at home.  The school always has super fun activities planned during the week so the students have other opportunities to practice their spanish and learn about the culture and history of Guatemala. 

The host families are also great.  For anyone wanting a full immersion experience, home stay is the way to go.  The host families are very kind and do everything they can to make the students feel welcome, comfortable, and right at home.  

Jabel Tinamit has a great reputation and I can honestly say that my Spanish has improved leaps and bounds all because of my experience here.  This has been an experience that I throughly enjoyed and will never forget.  I will definitely be back to study at Jabel Tinamit in the future.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My experience at JABEL TINAMIT

When I arrived at Jabel Tinamit, I had already booked classes at another school for the following week.  However, once I got here, it was just too wonderful to leave.  First of all, the grounds are marvelous.  The garden in which I've taken all of my classes is enchanting and the view of the surrounding volcanoes from the roof is just breathtaking. 

The owners, Candelaria y Gregorio, go out of their way to make the students comfortable.  During the three weeks that I studied, there were activities for the students nearly every day.  I simply asked Gregorio how I would go about visiting a local Mayan site and before I knew it, he had planned it as a school-wide activity! 

Of course, the reason that I came to Guatemala was to learn Spanish.  Before arriving in Panajachel, I had studied for a week in Xela and had been very unsatisfied with the instruction at the school there.  (Perhaps my standards are too high, as I teach English as a Second Language in the US.) I was afraid that I would find a similar standard of instruction here.  Thankfully, I was very wrong!  I studied with Florinda my entire time here and she was absolutely wonderful.  She did NOT just follow along with a book.  I could tell that she was teaching me according to her assessment of how I was progressing.  For example, on at least one occasion she noticed that, as we were talking, I was still having difficulties with a certain grammatical structure and she recommended that we go back to review it a bit more extensively.

I will definitely be coming back to study here in the future.  I could not recommend Jabel Tinamit more!! 

I'll miss you all!!! Hasta La Pasta, Bebe!!!

Friday, 6 July 2012

My experience at JABEL TINAMIT

I highly recommend Jabel Tinamit for studying spanish. The one-on-one lessons were exactly what I needed to review much of what I had forgetten from high school. Especially important for me was the opportunity to speak the language on a regular basis in order to become comfortable using the language in day-to-day interactions. Alongside excellent tutors and a good studying environment, the school also offers complimentary tea and coffee and has a beautiful garden!

My experience!!!

Hi, my name is Alden and I am a student at Jabel Tinamit Spanish School. I am 12 and my brother is 10. My parents decided my family needed some experience in a foreign country. My mom is an ESL teacher in an elementary school and needed more vocabulary for parent teacher conferences. She also has a few students this year with no english and she needs to be able to communicate with them. My mom did a ton of research on Spanish Schools all over Central America, we found we liked Jabel Tinamit the best. After lots and lots of planning, we finally made it here. I love my teacher, she is very nice, really funny, and Í´ve learned a ton just by conversation and asking questions. The school is beautiful with 4 floors and a really pretty garden. Taxi´s here! Adios!

Friday, 4 May 2012


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