Friday, 6 July 2012

My experience at JABEL TINAMIT

I highly recommend Jabel Tinamit for studying spanish. The one-on-one lessons were exactly what I needed to review much of what I had forgetten from high school. Especially important for me was the opportunity to speak the language on a regular basis in order to become comfortable using the language in day-to-day interactions. Alongside excellent tutors and a good studying environment, the school also offers complimentary tea and coffee and has a beautiful garden!

My experience!!!

Hi, my name is Alden and I am a student at Jabel Tinamit Spanish School. I am 12 and my brother is 10. My parents decided my family needed some experience in a foreign country. My mom is an ESL teacher in an elementary school and needed more vocabulary for parent teacher conferences. She also has a few students this year with no english and she needs to be able to communicate with them. My mom did a ton of research on Spanish Schools all over Central America, we found we liked Jabel Tinamit the best. After lots and lots of planning, we finally made it here. I love my teacher, she is very nice, really funny, and Í´ve learned a ton just by conversation and asking questions. The school is beautiful with 4 floors and a really pretty garden. Taxi´s here! Adios!