Friday, 12 June 2015

I never studied Spanish in school and was worried about starting at the age of 46.  However, I found the instruction at Jabel Tinamit perfect for me.  I studied eight hours a week for three months and, by then, I felt comfortable speaking Spanish in most situations.  I lowered my hours to five per week for three months and continued with daily homework.  Now, after six months, I am a confident Spanish speaker.  I make mistakes, but normally correct myself.  I believe that, even after I return to the United States, I will get rusty, but have achieved something I will never lose.  I have loved my time at Jabel Tinamit and respect and admire the family-run school.  I will continue lessons on-line and look forward to the day when I am back in Guatemala for more lessons with El Doctor, as we call our teacher.  Many thanks to you all:  Jose (El Doctor), Candalaria, Gladys, and Gregorio!  Rory from Boston


If you want to learn Spanish while visiting Lake Atitlan, you should definitely go to the language school:  Jabel Tinamit.  Jabel Tinamit was a great place for me and my husband to learn Spanish.  When we arrived, my husband had never studied Spanish before and what I remembered was from high school.  My husband and I were interested in taking lessons together and the instuctors at Jabel Tinamit accommodated our varied needs.  Even though we were at different starting points, we each walked away with new knowledge after every lesson.  We attended classes almost daily for six months, learning grammar and vocabulary through fun and engaging conversation.  There was a lot of talking time!!! We completed and reviewed homework each day. My husband and I can now  speak Spanish with confidence.  I will miss the Jabel Tinamit community:  their smiles and friendly greetings each day as we enter, the blackboard of weekly events and the free coffee and water!  We will continue our Spanish lessons even after we return to the United States through the on-line lessons that Jabel Tinamit offers.   Thank you for everything!
Ivy Delaney.