Friday, 7 December 2012

From Louise

Jabel Tinamit Spanish School was the perfect place to learn Spanish. I arrived knowing about 5 words and after 3 weeks am able to speak well enough to feel comfortable traveling in a Spanish country.  The school is administered very professionally by the owners, Gregorio and Candelaria, who are kind, welcoming and eager to ensure a great experience.  My teacher, William, made learning great fun and inspired me to really work at learning my verbs for the simple pleasure of conversation and not, like in school, to pass an exam.  My homestay with Anna and son Gael, was awesome; the room large and comfortable, the food simple but nutritious and delicious and best of all, we had great meal time conversations about Guatemalan customs, history and current conditions.  Panajachel is a wonderful place with much to see and do around the lovely lake in the afternoons after classes and with a comfortable climate. If you are thinking of learning Spanish in Guatemala (or anywhere) then this is the place!!