Saturday, 31 December 2011

First Christmas Celebration in Buena Vista

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Sponsored by Guatemala Conexions and Spanish School JABEL TINAMIT.

Dear friends;
With all pleasure we share with you, the photos we took in the The End Year activity with our weekend tutoring program in Buena Vista. As an idea of coexistence and celebration of Christmas, we invited elders to share with the kids the planned activity. Children presented dances, songs, and a dramatization of Jesus. The best of all this activity is that were presented in Cakchiquel (Mayan language of the community) because the elderly do not understand Spanish. The elderly really enjoyed the activity, they commented that it is the first time in their life to have a Christmas celebration; they were very appreciative of this opportunity and asked to have it back for next year. This event has reflected the leadership exercised by youth in the community, as well as their influence on the attitude of children.
The implementation of this tutoring program led to the following impact:
• More children participating in theater\
• 99% of participating children passed their grade.
• Improved their reading and writing skills
• Children with training in principles and values
• Children improved their Spanish vocabulary through reading.
• Improved their skills in math comprehension

Thanks to Guatamala Conexions, team of Young People of Buena Vista and Spanish School JABEL TINAMIT

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo 2012, Que disfruten de las fiestas!


If you're thinking of what to give your friends and family for Christmas, may we suggest the gift of learning Spanish. We have this lesson package available on our website. 
Muchas gracias y Feliz Navidad.        

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

At Spanish School "JABEL TINAMIT" we are “Friends of a Green World”

Make your stay in Panajachel memorable and friendly with nature and especially with an indigenous family by donating one or more fruit trees that you can plant yourself on the property of an indigenous family in the Rural Area. In this way you are not only contributing to the protection of our ecological environment, you are also helping to provide food through the fruit from the trees.

A fruit tree cost maximum $5.00

“You can live for two months without food and two weeks without water, but you can live only a few minutes without air. The earth is not an inheritance from our parents, but a loan from our children. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. If there is environmental chaos on the planet it is due to a lack of love for it….” Mahatma Gandhi.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Stay with a Guatemalan family, get a private room, share bathroom, big windows and enough light and a garden.

Dinning room with students and Magda.

A garden infront the house with the family.

Room for one or two people.

Get your own closet.

Enough light to study.

Room for one person.

Room for one person.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Hiking from Godinez to San Antonio Palopo, amazing view of the Lake Atitlan.

The view on top of the montain, during the walking to San Antonio Palopo.

Teachers and students during the walk to San Antonio.

The best view, enjoy it.  Spanish School JABEL TINAMIT

During the hiking, you can see the real life of our people in Guatemala.

Holy Place near the path.

View to San Antonio Palopo.

San Antonio Palopo.

The path.

Meeting local people during the walking.

O.S.L. (Online Spanish Lesson) at our Spanish School JABEL TINAMIT

One of our lesson Spanish lesson.

Our Online Spanish Lesson is with audio and video, more information, visit our website: or send us an email at:

Visiting the Mayan Cave in San Jorge La Laguna. Spanish School JABEL TINAMIT

Our teachers and Students while their visit to San Jorge La Laguna, this village is 15 minutes from Panajachel.

Teachers and Studenta at the Mayan Cave.

Sharing time with local kids.

Our students sharing their time with local kids.

Cooking lesson at Spanish School JABEL TINAMIT

The pepian is ready, good job.

Pepian and Tortillas

A group of Students enjoying the dinner

Ready to make "Paches"


"Buen provecho"

Another group of students