Thursday, 14 February 2013

My experience at JABEL TINAMIT

I came here with my husband, 2 teenage sons and sister-in-law.  I cannot recommend Jabel Tinamit enough.  Each person in our family is at a different level  of  Spanish.  Two of us knew virtually no Spanish when we came.  The staff  is not only is extremely knowledgeable but also VERY friendly and HELPFUL!!!  We feel as though they are almost part of our family now.  We each had our own teacher that worked with us according to our knowledge level. In addition the school has many side excursions that really help you see the area and if you want they will also  provide a guide. Every other student I have met at the school also seems extemely happy with their experiance.  I have never been to Guatalmala before.  Pana is beautiful - I hope to come back again to both Pana and Jabel Tinamit.  I am also thinking of continuing my learning with Jabel Tinamit through Skype.
Stacy Reckeweg